The factoring side of the business was established due to the dissatisfaction with the numerous property management and factoring firms that were offering many promises and services but failing to deliver whilst charging excessively high prices for sub-standard work.

Leveraging resources from other commercial and residential projects we are able to provide highly skilled and professional tradesmen for excellent value.  All of the contractors have many years of experience within their respective fields.

Being a small company we are able to give you a personal, friendly service and by working with co-owners/tenants we can react very quickly to any problems and issue that may arise. With years of experience within the property market in Glasgow, you can be assured that you are in safe hands!

Some of what we can do:

  • Common building repairs.
  • Set up a building maintenance fund.
  • Liaising between owners (old and new).
  • Taking proactive measures to prevent damage to property.
  • Arranging common buildings insurance.
  • Close/backcourt cleaning/window cleaning.
  • Maintenance of common areas.
  • Gardening.
  • Lift maintenance.
  • Central heating maintenance/landlord gas safety certificates.
  • Maintaining the close entry system.

We are also happy to provide other services for the block if required.

We love a challenge and have managed to successfully factor several tenements where many of the other more well known property management firms have failed. Why? Simply because we do actually go the extra mile and spend time with often very dissatisfied owners who have spent many thousands of pounds on factoring bills through other agents and have seen little or no improvement to the building or have been faced with a bills for several thousands of pounds when in actual fact the work should only have cost a fraction of that! For more information get in touch!

Our Guarantee

If within the first 12 months of appointing Regent Property the majority of owners are dissatisfied with our level of service we will resign. Appointing / changing your factor may be easier than you think. Get in touch for more information.

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