The factoring side of the business was established to run in tandem with our letting arm and our many years of experience in managing individual flats gives us an in-depth understanding of challenges faced on both sides of the Factor – Owner relationship. This gives us an edge over our competitors who may only have experience as Factors.

We use our knowledge and understanding of repairs, maintenance and management to provide a first-class service to co-owners within buildings where we hold an interest. By sharing resources and utilising the many good relationships built up over a number of years with contractors, trades and service providers, we now offer this service to owners in buildings of any tenure.

When dealing with Regent Property you can be assured of a personal, friendly service and by working with co-owners/tenants we will react promptly to any issues that may arise.

With years of experience in the property market in Glasgow, your property will be in excellent hands.

By choosing Regent Property as your Factor, you can be secure in the knowledge that, with over 30 years of experience in managing and maintaining we will:

Organise and co-ordinate common building repairs

    Log and track reported issues Obtain multiple quotes for larger repairs Quickly address minor issues using our own bank of trusted trades

Establish a maintenance fund for future funding

    With a contingency fund in place, repairs can be carried out quickly preventing further damage or worsening of any problems

Liaise between owners to ensure good communication

    Provide a monthly report to all owners Promptly advise owners of any new maintenance issues

Take proactive measures to protect and prevent damage to property

    Carry out 6-monthly inspections of the common areas to identify any areas of potential risk

Arrange competitive common buildings insurance

    Review current provider and obtain alternative quotes

Close cleaning and upkeep of communal areas and grounds maintenance

    Arrange for weekly close cleaning and gardening

Lift maintenance and insurance

    Establish a contract with a lift maintenance specialist to inspect and maintain any lifts in the building Arrange competitive insurance for the lift

Secure door entry maintenance

    Regular inspections of property security system Establish a contract with a specialist to maintain any electronic garage doors

We understand that your property is a valuable asset and we will pro-actively work with owners to ensure that the property maintains its value and to maximise rental potential in the case of investment properties.

Appointing / changing your factor may be easier than you think. Get in touch for more information